The Kinnari (“Kinnaree”)

The Kinnari, (usually spelled ‘Kinnaree’ as noted below) (Thai: กินรี) in Thai literature originates from India, but was modified to fit in with the Thai way of thinking. The Thai Kinnari is depicted as a young woman wearing an angel-like costume. The lower part of the body is similar to a bird, and should enable her to fly between the human and the mystical worlds. The most famous Kinnari in Thailand is the figure known as Manora (derived from Manohara), a heroine in one of the stories collected in “Pannas Jataka” a Pali tome written by a Chiangmai Buddhist monk and sage around AD 1450-1470. This is supposed to be a collection of 50 stories of the past lives of the Buddha, known to Buddhists as the Jataka. The specific tale about Manora the Kinnaree was called Sudhana Jataka, after Prince Sudhana, the bodhisattva who was also the hero of the story and the husband of Manora. It has been speculated that the stories of Manora/Manohara told in Southeast Asia might related to the stories of the Cowherd and the Celestial Weaver Girl, popular in China, Japan and Korea. The story inspired a dance called Manorah Buchayan, which is one of the most esoteric among the high classical dances of Thailand, as well as the “Norah” dance of southern Thailand. The male counterpart of the female Kinnari is a Kinnon.

Our Story

Thai Palms has been a family-owned and operated restaurant for nearly 15 years. We first opened our doors originally in November of 1999 under the name of the Thai Cafe in Solana Beach, San Diego. We then opened our Desert Hot Springs location in November, 2001 and later our Palm Springs location in January, 2004.

Since then, we are honored in serving you our unique cuisine to satisfy your taste buds and enlighten your senses.

A Desert Essence

Thai Palms Restaurant of Desert Hot Springs, California is located in the heart of the City’s Old Town District. Desert Hot Springs is known for its spectacular scenery within the Coachella Valley and serves as the gateway to the High Desert and the other destination resort communities in the valley – including, the cities of Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Indio and Coachella.

Desert Hot Springs is also famous for its therapeutic and natural hot springs and spas. When coming to the city, you may also enjoy visiting the famous historical Cabot Yerxa Pueblo & Museum.

Gourmet Delicacies

We are pleased to prepare genuine healthy Thai cuisine for our customers. Our dishes our prepared with a harmonious blend of spicy, subtle flavors both sweet and sour, intended to equally satisfy the eye, nose and palate.

One of the keys to the preparation of our wonderful food is the use of freshly picked herbs, vegetables and spices, such as lemon grass, basil, mint, galangal, ginger root, cilantro and kaffir lime leaves.

We look forward to serving our wonderful Thai Cuisine to you, your family and your friends, so that you will enjoy a fulfilling and healthy dining experience.